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Hey, Gorgeous!

You are AMAZING, let me show you! So many women struggle to see themselves , their vision of themselves are as “a wife” or “a mother” “an employee” but you are SO much more! You are beautiful, incredible let me show you!  PIcture this, we illuminate the woman you really are and reveal her to the world.

Do you tell yourself you are not good enough? I’m here to tell you, you are more than good enough, and let me divulge a little secret, so many women have that same echo around their head, you are not alone!  So listen carefully, I have a plan, together we can help silence that voice and come up with images that will leave you (and that voice) speechless!

My goal in life is to show women how amazing they are and help them build their confidence and self-worth! I combine my expertise in photography and coaching to help women to become more confident and realising how incredible they are.  Every single client I have photographed has felt more confident after having a shoot with me. Are you ready to start your journey?





Wherever you are or wherever your dreams may lead you!

If you are looking for a personal portrait photography or personal branding shoot we can work out the best location for you. Alternatively if you want to dream big take a look at our experiences can you picture yourself in a fairytale Chateaux in France, sun baked Castillos in Spain or medieval castles in United Kingdom! If your dreams are slightly less grand we can organise Manor houses, B&B’s for countryside or beach photo experiences all around Europe. 


Everyone is different and have their own reason, I’m the photographer for you if you want to:

– Feel more confident and empowered!

– Feel like the very best version of yourself!

– Feel incredible, beautiful and sexy!

– Work with an expert who knows how to make you look and feel incredible!

– Learn to love yourself!

– Exist in photographs!

– See self through someone else’s eyes (or lens)!

– Be your amazing self not “just” a mum or a wife!

– Show the world your incredible business!

These are a few of my previous clients “Whys”!

Everybody deserves to have photographs of themselves that they can LOVE, in every chapter of their lives.  So what’s your why?

…But I’m not photogenic!

I hated having my photo taken too, and so many people tell me they are not photogenic and don’t photograph well! But i’ll let you into a little secret, it’s not your job to be photogenic, IT’S MINE! 

Maybe when I…

Lose X pounds/kilos? I can use lighting, clothing and body positioning to flatter EVERY body!  I can skim kilos off just by posing you in a specific way.  But let me tell you, you are perfect just as you are!

Am More Confident! I create experiences which will help you learn how to embrace your body, empower you and grow your confidence as well as provide you with incredible photographs of yourself.  Seeing someones confidence grow is my favourite part of this job!

Look better! You can only live in the present and although we all we worry about how we look sometimes, I want to show you, that you are good/beautiful/sexy ENOUGH right now! You do not need to change anything, you are beautiful and you can love you just as you are!

I will show how beautiful you are, how confident you can be and celebrate how amazing you are right now! I look forward to talking with you soon about how we can create your unique dream photo shoot experience.




Hi, I’m Kirsty an award winning, international photographer based in SW France and I am grateful that my work takes me all over Europe.

I have been photographing people for around 10 years now and made the leap from part-time business to full-time last year,  I love portraiture and particularly getting to know the people that I have photographed and their incredible stories and all my clients felt a confidence boost, during the shoot and afterwards too!

Like so many others I had always had confidence issues, that horrible feeling of not feeling good enough, being too much of this and not enough of that! I tried to find someone to validate me, but even if they did I couldn’t accept the compliment anyway.  I had zero confidence and when I was made redundant from a job I had been in for 15 years and the feelings of being worthless suddenly amplified even more!  After working on healing on myself I realised that this lack of confidence really had become an epidemic, so many people around me struggled with confidence.

This really inspired me to work at getting qualified and start utilising coaching techniques in different aspects in my professional life. I not only help my photography clients, but also run women only Confidence workshop and retreats around.  I  love knowing that I can really help my clients on different levels.  Obviously not every single person needs help with their confidence, so no matter where you are on your journey if any part of my story resonates with you I’d love to chat.

Whatever your story and wherever your dream shoot takes you, I look forward to hearing it.

Kirsty Withams


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Highly recommend kirsty, I was very nervous having my photos taken as I have a lazy eye.. and didn’t want it shown in pictures, all the pictures kirsty took did not show my lazy eye, and she made me feel very comfortable! Pictures were beautiful!

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Hey my lovely, we were lucky enough to have you as our wedding photographer, our wedding photos are so precious. We were so impressed with you, so professional, you put everyone completely at ease and took absolutely stunning photos which we still treasure. Thank you x x

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Kirsty is a very talented and confident photographer. She makes you feel at ease and has some great ideas. I love all of the photos she’s done for me x!

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A big thank you to Kirsty Withams of Creati-Focus. Kirsty ran a photoshoot for my website pictures. Despite plenty of experience of professional photo sessions, I’ve never had more than half a dozen photos I’ve liked in my entire life. Kirsty took scores of shots and then came back with twelve - ALL of which I really loved. There’s something very special about watching an expert at work, and this is one lady who really knows her stuff, explaining as she goes and getting the very best out of someone who normally ends up with a picture that closely resembles Miss Piggy... Thank you Maestro - I can’t recommend you highly enough!

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My family has had the privilege of being photographed by kirsty on two different occasions. Kirsty was able to capture the moment perfectly...and creating some truely awesome photos. Kirsty made us all feel at ease and comfortable...including an energetic three year old boy. friendly and fun sessions.

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