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, Market Analysis
, Market Analysis

Every business collects a vast amount of data, not to mention the crazy amounts of data out there on the web. Yet there are still very few small businesses taking advantage of all this information.

The normal reason is we don’t know how or we don’t know what we need to know.  Both are interesting reasons as most business owners utilise data every single day but they use it for immediate and short term reasons, to promote sales, to send “stuff” etc. The data that many have access to can be responsibly used to predict things, like when customers will need to buy again, what problems they may have that you need to solve. And that’s just the data you have.  Would you like to understand more about prospective customers and what and when they will purchase?

What about your competitors? Do you know who they are?  How does their performance compare to yours? Can you utilise data to tell you what proportion of the market they have and how they are getting that market? Where you may be losing clients to them?  Is there adjacent markets you could be exploiting?

This digital world we live in actually enables us to find out so much, about our situation, our market, our customers and our competitors.  Why would you not want to know?

I have 15 years of experience in the field of market analysis and marketing, most of which was spent in the defence and communication industry.  I have an innate ability to make sense of large amounts of data (both qualitative and quantitative), effectively extricate stories and trends hidden within it and then translate into compelling and insightful reports. I also have proven track record of conducting analyses, building and using data analyses pipelines and effectively presenting data to business stakeholders in order to affect crucial national and international decisions.  I’m now working with small companies, helping them to use all of the tools I have learnt over the past 15 years and apply it to their businesses in order to grow and understand their market positioning.

My hourly rate starts at 30€ or £28, day and weekly rates on request.



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Highly recommend kirsty, I was very nervous having my photos taken as I have a lazy eye.. and didn’t want it shown in pictures, all the pictures kirsty took did not show my lazy eye, and she made me feel very comfortable! Pictures were beautiful!

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Hey my lovely, we were lucky enough to have you as our wedding photographer, our wedding photos are so precious. We were so impressed with you, so professional, you put everyone completely at ease and took absolutely stunning photos which we still treasure. Thank you x x

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Kirsty is a very talented and confident photographer. She makes you feel at ease and has some great ideas. I love all of the photos she’s done for me x!

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A big thank you to Kirsty Withams of Creati-Focus. Kirsty ran a photoshoot for my website pictures. Despite plenty of experience of professional photo sessions, I’ve never had more than half a dozen photos I’ve liked in my entire life. Kirsty took scores of shots and then came back with twelve - ALL of which I really loved. There’s something very special about watching an expert at work, and this is one lady who really knows her stuff, explaining as she goes and getting the very best out of someone who normally ends up with a picture that closely resembles Miss Piggy... Thank you Maestro - I can’t recommend you highly enough!

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My family has had the privilege of being photographed by kirsty on two different occasions. Kirsty was able to capture the moment perfectly...and creating some truely awesome photos. Kirsty made us all feel at ease and comfortable...including an energetic three year old boy. friendly and fun sessions.

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