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, Rock Chick to Glam Chic


Rock Chick to Glam Chic!

Whilst you’ll never take the Rock chick out of the girl you can always add a bit of glamourous chic!

Anyone that knows Annette, knows she is the most kindest, considerate and generous person you have ever met. Annette is always supporting people (and animals), boosting and helping them wherever she can. She is pretty much one of the nicest human being I have ever met and we can easily chat for hours and hours.

Last year was meant to be her big birthday celebration, celebrating her 50th birthday but COVID and a pretty crappy year had other ideas. Unable to see her family back in the UK and despite enjoying her amazing walking virtual tours of Liverpudlian parks with her beautiful daughter, its not been easy.
So we used this shoot as an opportunity to get dressed up and celebrate Annette! I had envisaged lots of black but she fell in love with the beautiful red dresses so we got wardrobe and accessories organised.  To start with Annette hid behind her hair, but as we continued her confidence grew. From the moment she wore the dress though, her posture changed, her smile changed, no longer a nervous one, she beamed and her eyes lit up.  She found her inner glam!!  So we added a silver crown and some roses, because why not?
Before we knew it three hours had passed! It was such a great shoot and although Annette was a little tired afterwards she really enjoyed the experience and absolutely loved her photos as well.  See more images from this shoot here.

Wow what an experience, a warm and friendly welcome and then explanation about the shoot and how to pose for the best effect . Felt so comfortable and at ease and discovered a very glam version of myself , my confidence bloomed during the shoot thanks to Kirsty’s skill and knowledge and her knack of making it fun . Highly recommended and I can’t wait to do it again